We collaborated with The Hull Cartridge Company to develop cartridges that provide the optimum blend of low recoil and speed whilst delivering the best possible pattern. All the cartridges, which are fibre wadded and available in plastic and paper cases, are suitable for use in 2½” chambered shotguns.

‘In choosing the loads, we considered all aspects of what makes a great cartridge,’ says Jonathan Irby, head of gun sales for Purdey, ‘The primary consideration was quality and consistency of the pattern and for the cartridges to provide this with minimal recoil. We also looked at other aspects such as which cartridge provided the best and most consistent ejection (a reflection of the height of the cartridge head) as well as seeking the best packaging and clear labelling, so as to create the best and most complete range. The result is the ideal game load, suitable for use in all types of guns.’

The range comprises bespoke loaded 12 and 20 bore cartridges and a selection of Hull Cartridges 16, 28 and 410 bore loads.

Prices start at £7.90 per box of 25 cartridges, which are available from our shop at Audley House in Mayfair.
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