Gun Servicing Terms & Conditions

The following terms set out the basis upon which James Purdey & Sons Ltd (‘Purdey/we’) shall carry out repairs and other services (Services) on your Purdey gun(s) / rifles(s) (Gun(s) / Rifle(s)) There is nothing in these terms which affect your statutory rights.

1. Gun(s) / Rifle(s) requiring services must be delivered to James Purdey & Sons Ltd, Audley House, 57-58 South Audley Street, London, W1K 2ED (the ‘Boutique’) whereby we will record your contact details and the details of your Gun(s) / Rifle(s) on to our register.

2. We will inspect the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) and provide you with a written estimate of our charges for the Services (the ‘Estimate’).

3. Any Estimate shall, wherever possible, be provided within 2 working weeks from the date on which we receive the Gun(s) / Rifle(s). This timeframe is required so as to enable our craftsmen to complete a full examination. Such Estimate shall be valid for 2 months from the date of issue (the ‘Validity Period’).

4. The initial indication of the likely charges for the Services from Purdey is given as a guide only and we are not responsible for any differences between this indication and the Estimate you receive following a full factory examination.

5. No work will be undertaken by us before your Gun(s) / Rifle(s) is/are fully assessed, the Estimate has been issued and we have been notified in writing (email or letter), during the Validity Period, that you wish us to carry out the Services.

6. We may agree a maximum amount up to which we are authorised to perform Services, without the need to approve the Estimate (the ‘Pre-approved Amount).

Services Completion
7. Due to the nature of guns, the timeframe within which we can complete the Services may vary but in any event, we will endeavour to perform the Services within an agreed timescale.

8. On occasion, either due to the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) needing further parts that need to be sourced or made or an unusually high volume of repairs or staff holidays and sickness, the completion time for the Services may be extended. We will notify you, in writing, of any extension as soon as possible.

9. We require payment in full upon completion of the Services. In the event that the Estimate exceeds £10,000.00 (including VAT), we reserve the right to require payment equating to 1/3 of the Estimate to be paid by you prior to the commencement of the Service and the balance is to be paid upon completion of the Services. You can pay up to 1/3 of the Estimate by credit card. However, we reserve the right to decline credit card payments for the remaining balance that is due upon completion of the Services and for any other payment that is made in-store or online.

Please note that Purdey reserves the right to increase the price of any of its , Gun(s), Rifle(s) and accessories, including the cost of servicing such , Gun(s), Rifle(s), to reflect any increase in costs arising as a result of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union in March 2019 (“Brexit”).

Additional Work
10. When the gun is stripped down for repair it is possible that additional work, that has not been included in the Estimate, may be necessary. If the cost of such additional work is up to 10% of the original Estimate we reserve the right at our sole discretion to carry out such additional work at your cost without seeking your prior approval. In the event that such additional work exceeds 10% of the Estimate, we reserve the right to charge you for such additional work at our sole discretion. Please note that we will not charge you for any additional work performed if it exceeds the Pre-approved Fee (see clause 6 above).

Cancellation of Services
11. In the event that you do not wish us to carry out the Services following your receipt of the Estimate, you may cancel the Services at any time by notifying us in writing. However, in the event of cancellation, we reserve the right to charge you for the time undertaken by our craftsmen in carrying out the examination to provide you with an Estimate which shall be dependent upon the type of Gun/Rifle examined but in any event, shall be no more than £250.00 per Gun/Rifle.

12. If you change your mind after instructing us to commence the Services and request that the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) be returned to you before the Services have been completed, we reserve the right to charge you for the work which has been undertaken.

13. We will contact you following completion of the Services to arrange for payment and to inform you that your Gun(s) / Rifle(s) is/are ready for collection.

14. We reserve the right to charge you storage fees if your Gun(s) / Rifle(s) remain(s) uncollected after 3 months following our notice to you that the Services have been completed, payment is required and your Gun(s) / Rifle(s) is/are ready for collection.

In accordance with English law, you are required to show us a valid, in-date original Firearms Certificate for Rifles or Shotgun Certificate for Guns or visitors permit for the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) when you collect them so that we can release the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) to you. Failure to show such documentation shall entitle Purdey to retain the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) (at your cost) until such time as you are able to provide the required documentation.
15. You may, as the owner of the Gun(s) / Rifle(s), arrange for another individual to collect your Gun(s) / Rifle(s) from the Boutique, if:

a. you have provided the individual with a letter of authority, signed by you; and
b. the individual also has a valid Shotgun Certificate and/or Firearms Certificate.

We will only release the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) to the individual when the requirements set out in (a) and (b) above are satisfied.

Please note that we can only release a Rifle to you or such individual on your behalf if the same model Rifle is listed on your or their Firearms Certificate.

16. In addition to clause 1, no Gun(s) / Rifle(s) will be released until full payment is made and all invoices have been settled in full in respect of any and all Services and storage fees.

Service Warranty
17. The Services as completed are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of the final invoice (the ‘Warranty Period’). Please note that each annual service carried out on your Purdey Trigger Plate does not reset the Warranty Period for another five (5) years. By having the Purdey Trigger Plate serviced every year, for the first five years from the date of delivery, we reserve the right to extend the Warranty Period for another five (5) years; extending the Warranty Period for the Purdey Trigger Plate to a maximum of ten (10) years from date of delivery. We reserve the right not to provide this warranty in respect of certain services, for example, work to wooden parts (see clause 23 below).

18. Every serviced gun will be returned with an invoice detailing the work that has been carried out. The invoice, together with these Terms & Conditions, constitute your Service Warranty so please retain these in a safe place.

19. The Service Warranty provides you with protection against faults or defects arising from the Services undertaken by us. It does not cover components not fitted during the Services.

20. The Service Warranty will not apply:
a. If you choose not to undertake all of the repairs recommended by us, or any repairs included in the Estimate, and the , Gun(s) or Rifle(s) subsequently fails after the Services have been provided; or

b. to any repairs undertaken by a repairer who is not a Purdey authorised repair specialists (details of authorised repairers which we can be provided to you upon request; or

c. If you misuse or cause accidental damage to the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) or tamper with their mechanical workings during the Warranty Period
21. If a fault occurs within the Warranty Period (and has not occurred as a result of either clause 20 a), (b), or (c) above) we will rectify the fault free of labour charge. All postal/ delivery costs incurred either to or from you shall be at your expense.

22. Work to wooden parts is not covered by our Service Warranty. Due to the organic nature of wooden parts, we cannot guarantee that any adjustments to wooden parts will have a permanent effect.

23. Any and all work to wooden parts is at your risk as it is possible that wooden parts may fail when being adjusted. We accept no liability for such failures as and when they occur as part of the Service to the Gun(s) / Rifle(s). All costs relating to the work carried out to wooden parts shall be incurred by you.

24. If you sell the Gun(s) / Rifle(s) after the completion of the Services, but during the Warranty Period, our Service Warranty is transferable to the new owner, subject to these Terms and Conditions. You must present the Services invoice and all Service Warranty documents to the new owner in order for the Service Warranty to be validly transferred.

Follow Up
25. Following collection of your Gun(s) / Rifle(s) upon completion of the Services, we may contact you to request feedback on the quality of the Services, only if you have opted in to receive marketing communications from us.