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Folding Pocket Knife With Damascus Blade - Walnut

£195.00 - £255.00
This folding knife was designed without a locking mechanism specifically for use in the UK. The large size has a 3"" blade and 4"" handle, the medium a 3"" blade and 3"" handle, while the small features a 2"" blade and 3"" handle. Each comes with two brass bolsters, while the blade is made of Damascus steel, famous for its sharpness, resilience and beautifully textured pattern. The handle is in Walnut that is heavy, tight-grained and smooth when polished; it's also exclusive to Purdey as we supply offcuts used for making our gun stocks. The colour ranges from creamy white to a deep brown. Please Note. The knife sheath shown may vary. Terms and Conditions apply. You must be aged 18 or older to purchase knives from our website. We are not able to ship knives with walrus and mammoth handles to the USA. For further information, please call 44 (0)20 7499 7201.
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