Exclusive to Purdey, our impeccable tweeds make only the finest of fieldwear.

The finest Cheviot yarns

Our tweeds begin their journey high on the Scottish borders.

There, flocks of Cheviot sheep graze just a few miles from our mill.

With yarns that are strong and durable, they are the perfect foundation to our fieldwear.

Blankets of tweed

Before we set up the looms, we open the archives.

With patterns dating back more than a century, we choose a design that is right for
our purpose. Then it’s time for the weave to begin.

The results are magnificent blankets of tweed. Each one, unmistakably Purdey.

Finishing touches

The fabric’s then sent to the finishers. It is washed, pressed, and given a waterproof treatment. Our Aquaret coating will repel dirt and moisture, without detracting at all from the feel of the texture.

Finally, each piece of tweed is painstakingly checked. Only once we are fully satisfied will it be passed to the garment maker.


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The Making of a Jacket

Hats and Caps


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