Hand cut by our British tie-makers, then slipped by an expert seamstress. This is timeless elegance.

A visit to our mill

We make our ties from pure woven silk, and from wool and silk mixes that complement our tweeds. No matter the blend, tie design always starts with a visit to the silk mill.

Here, the finest silk in England has been crafted for three centuries. We have privileged access to their archive, taking inspiration from the past.

Our designers will also study the sporting world’s birds and animals, drawing from craft and nature to create the new season’s patterns.

Blankets of silk

Once the patterns have been settled, it is time to make the silk.
We set the base colours on the warps of large looms. Then, in the wefts of the fabric, the ground and the designs are brought to life.
The result is a wonderful blanket of silk. It is rolled by hand and taken to London, where our master tie-maker readies it for his team.

Marking and trimming

Craftsmen mark and cut the silk, using knives made for the task and handed down through generations.

Each tie is crafted with a single length of thread, then folded four ways. A seamstress will ‘slip’ them, leaving some thread outside the front blade. This is deliberate: it allows the release of tension, so the tie always recovers its shape after wearing.

One last press

Once completed, the tie is pressed flat. Our ‘Made in England’ label is hand-sewn into place, and the finished result is displayed at Audley House.


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