Sticks and Canes

For help up and down dale, or to guard against brambles. Welcome in any shooter’s kit.

Blackthorn, hazel and ash

Naturally, our sticks and canes are handmade.

We work with native British hardwoods, such as blackthorn, hazel and ash. They are ‘coppiced’ a few feet from the ground. This encourages new shoots to bud.

Then we must wait – for three or four years.

Cropping and carving

Eventually, it is time for the harvest.

Our craftsmen cut the branches, taking note of which coppice they come from.

Each shank can be traced to its roots.

Sometimes working in their croft or cottage, our stick-makers whittle the canes. They are worked deftly, beautiful designs emerging: mallard, pheasant and fox.

The maker may not know which creature he will craft, until the first nicks of the knife.

Once cut, the sticks dry: a year will pass before they are seasoned. Then the canes are straightened, using steam, the traditional way.

In time, the cane is finished. Varnished and hand-painted; a unique work of art.


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