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Since almost the beginning, we have stocked more than just pistols, rifles and guns.

A combination of function and form

Purdey knives are ideal for hunting, tracking, trapping and skinning. We even offer a knife for survival and bushcraft, with a firesteel of carbon rod.

The blades are crafted from Damascus steel, known for its strength and hardness. Every Damascus blade pattern is unique – each knife’s own distinct fingerprint. This steel is known for its ability to retain sharpness, and will give many years’ unfailing use.

Blades are fixed to their handles with either brass or nickel silver bolts. And they are available in various lengths, from just 2” for a pocket knife, to our 4¾” bushcraft blade.

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Buffalo, camel – and mammoth

All our knives’ handles are made from natural materials, either of wood or bone.

For woods, we use ‘stabilised’ box elder, walnut, or birch. In the stabilizing process, we permeate the natural material with monomers and acrylics, giving a dimensionally stable wood. This almost completely removes the possibility of it shrinking, cracking, expanding or warping. Stabilised woods are impervious to oil and water, and can be sanded to a very high polish.

Our bone-handled knives are carved from buffalo horn, giraffe bone, walrus tusk and camel bone. The latter, by being repeatedly boiled and polished, has a fine, white, ivory-like appearance. Giraffe bone, by contrast, is grey. Buffalo horn handles are most often black.


Undoubtedly most incredible of all, however, are the limited edition handles crafted from the tusks of a prehistoric woolly mammoth.

The discovery was made in northern Russia, where the mammoth was recovered from the permafrost. This impressive creature, long-extinct ancestor to the elephant, would have roamed the tundra 10,000 or more years past.

Purdey are privileged to be able to offer a strictly limited edition of eight such remarkable knives. Each one is individually numbered. And each is hand-crafted in England.


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Purdey knives combine the beauty and craftsmanship of the time-honored tradition with the technical strength and precision of the latest engineering. 


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The Purdey Brochure

The Purdey Brochure

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