Our Gun Leathers

Cartridge bags, gun slips and leather shooting goods — each one hand-made, in time-honoured fashion.

British heritage

Our gun leathers are made in Kent by our case maker, alowing us to offer complete matching sets (Sleeve, bag, case and cartridge magazine), if requested.
When choosing the leather we only use supple and smooth-grained, the finest rawhides. Curriers work the hides by hand, using techniques born centuries ago.


For a smooth and even finish, colour is stained by hand and allowed to air dry. A favourite result is bridle leather, which we use in many Purdey goods.
Our new range of luggage also uses the fine and rare English oak bark tanned leather, from Britain’s last remaining oak bark tannery in Devon.
Once synonymous with best London gunmakers, it was highly favoured in ages past, as indicative of a visit to the capital.

Cutting and Stitching

The leather is cut on a bench, following the pattern required. Exclusive Purdey chequering signifies the finest quality in the world.
Once cut, individual pieces are carefully stitched together. The stitching is conducted with the leather turned inside out, before the piece is gently reversed.


With the forged brass buckles in place, it is time for a final burnish.
The burnishing tool is made of the ‘ironwood’ lignum vitae, so dense that it easily sinks. When our leather craftsmen are apprentices, this tool is one of the first things they shape. Often, it will last a whole lifetime, giving their leathers a rich colour in their final deep polish.

Our stamp

Finally, the leather ware is complete. The Purdey name is pressed deeply into it, and the bag, slip or field belt is ready to meet us at Audley House.


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The Purdey Brochure

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