The Making of a Fieldcoat

Purdey fieldcoats are weather resistant, hard wearing and distinctive.

Cutting bench

Purdey tweed arrives from our Scottish mill, and is laid upon the bench for marking out. This is done with great care, to ensure the lines and checks meet up.

Component pieces are marked in tailors’ chalk, and cut out with shears by hand.

Each set of parts is rolled and bunched. Once gathered in small batches, they are passed to the workshop for production.

A Half-Raglan design

A number of finishers will work on each fieldcoat, using a complex pattern. It is distinctive to Purdey, on a half-raglan design.

Because the garment has a full-action back, there is plenty of room for the shooter, whilst at the same time looking elegant.


The final touch is to sew in the Purdey label. Proudly ‘made in England’, the coat is ready to journey to Audley House.


Shop Purdey Men's Tweed Fieldcoat here.

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The Purdey Brochure

The Purdey Brochure

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