Made from the finest yarns in the world, all Purdey cashmere is crafted in Scotland.

The softest Scottish waters

Our cashmere mill is in the borders of Scotland, where the softest of waters washes and soothes the yarns.

This is the land of James Purdey’s forefathers, which we are still proudly linked to today.

Only the very best yarns

We select only the finest cashmere yarns, making our sweaters and knits dense and luxurious.

In the wild, cashmere is nature’s guard against winter. Our cashmeres will keep out the chill wherever you are.

Made with loving care

Our cashmere makers’ skills have been handed down through generations. 

Many who work at our mill were taught by their parents or grandparents. This is a living, family tradition.

Still following an age-old technique

Although today’s frame machines make the most of technology, the stages of our cashmere making still follow age-old lines: scouring, drying, dyeing and spinning; before the eventual knitting or weaving.

A sweater is made up in sections, each one linked together by hand.


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The Purdey Brochure

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