Hammer Ejector Guns

Master the discipline of a Golden Age. Open. Load. Cock. And shoot

In 2004, in response to a revival of interest in hammer guns, we decided to reintroduce our "bar in iron hammer ejector gun".

It is every bit as delightful to handle and shoot as it would have been in the nineteenth century heyday of the hammer gun.

It is of note that His Majesty King George V never gave up using his Purdey hammer guns, and we still have his electric hammer gun displayed in our Long Room at Audley House.


Greatest of shots

One of the most famous game shooters of all time, Lord de Grey, recorded an incredible 316,000 birds between 1867 and 1895, mostly triple gunning with his Purdey hammer guns.

His displays at Studley Royal attracted crowds of hushed spectators, such was the Marquis’s style. It even drew subdued applause, as when he had six birds dead in the air at the same time, one pheasant just shot, four falling, and another about to hit the ground. 

Hammer Gun engraving

Hammer Gun engraving

Hammer Gun Options


20 and 12-bore on dedicated action sizes


2 3/4" (70mm)


Chopper lump construction 28", 29", 30" (71cm, 74cm, 76cm)


Fixed or Teague choke tubes


1/2" wide hammer gun rib

Concave game rib also available


Traditional square bar


Double triggers with optional spring bladed front


Flat or beaded edge


Automatic or non-automatic


Straight or Pistol grip

Chequered butt or leather covered recoil pad

Heel & toe pieces

Gold or silver oval

Inlaid gold letters

Engraving & Finish

Traditional fine rose and scroll with colour hardened or bright finish. Additional engraving options on request.

Weights of guns


6lb 8oz (2.94kg) - 6lb 12oz (3.06kg)


5lb 15oz (2.69kg) - 6lb 4oz (2.83kg)


Our Gunroom team at Audley House in Mayfair would be delighted to meet you and discuss your requirements

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The Purdey Brochure

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