Locks, Triggers & Ejectors


The lock is the mechanical heart of the gun, and ours are always hand-filed, to achieve an impeccable fit. Lock making is meticulous work. The tumblers, swivels, springs and sears need to fit another perfectly, to ensure a smooth, consistent movement.


Our double triggers, turned for either a left or right-handed shot, can also be enhanced, with a hinged front trigger to prevent trigger finger bruising.

Lawrence Salter perfected our inertia-operated single trigger when he was Managing Director of Purdey in the 1970s. It is simple, effective and fast. Prior to this development, we used a mechanical gate type single trigger. We do not make selective single triggers.

With the possible exception of a fine Swiss watch, there is no more elegant mechanical creation than a handmade sidelock. 


Ejectors must be reliable, synchronised and powerful. Our side-by-side ejectors are based on a modified Southgate system, dating back to 1889. Our over-and-under system was modified and improved from the Woodward in 1949, under the aegis of Ernest Lawrence.


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The Purdey Brochure

The Purdey Brochure

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