‘Our objective is to produce barrels which look beautiful, are perfectly shaped, and out-perform all the standard criteria for safety and accuracy’

The making of a Purdey gun begins with the barrels. Our barrel tubes are made to very precise measurements; initially, they’re machined to within four thousandths of an inch. Our barrel-makers then hand file the tubes, making sure that each barrel is perfectly round and concentric. The tubes are also ‘struck up’ using specially shaped striking files, to give them the unmistakable Purdey profile and finish. 

The individual tubes are silver soldered together at the breech-end. Ribs, having been filed to the exact profile of each tube, are tin soldered in the traditional way, using pine resin as the fluxing agent.

Purdey uses chopper-lump construction jointing for our side-by-sides barrels, which makes them stronger than the more commonplace dovetail. And instead of the standard monobloc, our side lock over-and-under barrels are made using superior demi-bloc construction. 

Chokes are individually cut and then finished using lead lapping, giving internal bores a very high finish, as only this traditional method can. They are accurate to less than half a thousandth of an inch.

You may choose from five rib profiles for a side-by-side shotgun, and two for our over-and-under, to achieve the sighting picture that you wish to see. 


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The Purdey Brochure

The Purdey Brochure

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