Building a Bespoke Purdey

A glimpse at how we create the finest shotguns and rifles in the world

One of the joys of owning a Purdey is the knowledge that, from the very first fitting, every element of the gun has been made entirely to your personal specifications. When placing your order for a Purdey gun, you set in train a process of hand-crafting that may take up to two years to complete.

The fit

To properly understand your requirements, we’ll arrange to take you to the West London Shooting Ground where we’ve been fitting our customers since the 1930s. There, you’ll be fitted with a ‘try-gun’, and spend time shooting as we take your stock dimensions. The try-gun has an articulated and fully adjustable stock, allowing fine alterations to be made by the instructor, in order to achieve the perfect fit.

If time does not allow, we can take your stock dimensions in the Long Room at Audley House, where we  use an electric try-gun originally devised by Harry Lawrence, to aid the convalescence of King George V. 

When you visit us in Audley House, you will also have the opportunity to select the unique walnut stock of your choice to be hand crafted for your gun.


Our Gunroom team at Audley House in Mayfair would be delighted to meet you and discuss your requirements

The Purdey Brochure

The Purdey Brochure

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